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MTG Arena Development: Dominaria And Events Coming Soon!

March was an exciting month for Magic: The Gathering Arena, and April is shaping up to be just as exciting, if not more. Now that we’ve lifted the NDA and added full set content from Amonkhet and Hour of Devastation, we’re moving full-steam ahead with even more new content, new events, and a large update to the game on April 26.

Here’s what’s coming up next:

  • Dominaria is releasing for MTG Arena on April 26 and bringing economy updates with it.
  • Events are coming! We’re starting out with some best-of-one events, with lots more to come.
  • We’ll be hosting a streaming event on April 25 in which we’ll invite some streamers to preview the new economy features and Dominaria—you don’t want to miss out!

We also know many of you are waiting for more news on the economy. We’re still hard at work on testing and tweaking design changes based on player feedback. Look for all the details on April 25—we’ll spell everything out in the forums and a special live stream at 12 p.m. PT.

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